Virtual desktops allow businesses to access their desktop and apps from any device, anywhere. if you are away from your physical computer but need access to files and apps you can access them through other devices using an app or using a web browser. Login at any remote location on your tablet, PC, Mac or mobile device and have access to your data and apps as if you were actually using your computer. Reduce desktop management, infrastructure, and support costs. Upkeep and managing a PC accounts for 50-70% of the cost of owning a PC making virtual desktops a quick cost saving solution. A thin client is a computing device connected to a network, without the hard drives, fans, memory, storage, computing power, and applications it can run on its own. With the cost and time savings, increased security, and increased employee efficiency virtual Desktop provides and numerous companies are transitioning to this system.

Virtual Login IT consultant in Vancouver for Small businesses. Virtual Desktops allow you to access your desktop from any device.
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