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At virtual login, we focus on technology that will drive your business to the next level. We believe in flexibility, efficiency, reliability, resiliency and agility for your business applications.

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Business Services

Here are some of the commercial services we offer:


Virtual Digital Workspace

Enables your business for a simpler and more flexible workstyle and a one stop access to your applications securely.

Cloud Technology

Embracing cloud technology will help business with an on-demand delivery of IT resources.

Cybersecurity Awareness

With today’s advance threats constantly emerging and evolving, a comprehensive approach is required.

Virtual Meeting

Access the tools you need for communication through a single application or service.

Virtual Networking

Businesses are now able to improve their network performance and monitoring to get a clear visibility.



Virtual desktops allow businesses to access their desktop and apps from any device, anywhere.



Helps organizations to lower costs and energy while increasing application availability.

End User Experience

To stay productive and reduce downtime, your employees need fast resolutions to their technology challenges.

Business Continuity

Pandemics, natural disasters and in certain circumstances such as power outages and human error, cannot be controlled.

Residential Services

Here are some of the residential services we offer:

Computer Maintenance

Similar to your car maintenance, your computer hardware needs regular maintenance and a tune-up. 

Home Network

Is your home Wi-Fi network setup securely? We can 

optimize your home network and solve any  Wi-Fi issues.

Workspace Setup

We can help you setup your computer securely 

and ergonomically for all your family members.


Important data stored on computers such as photos & documents may be copied and archived securely so that the data can be retrieved from backups.

Computer Security

Statistics report that over 350,000 pieces of malware are detected every day! Let us help you secure your device.

Mobile Device

We can assist you with a variety of mobile services including new mobile 

device transfers, software & hardware troubleshooting 

and security updates. 


“Virtual Login helped me get my business to where it needed to be... everywhere”


President at MK Digital


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